Magic Lead Source That Can Practically Get You A Lead in 15 minutes
Webinar Date: Thursday, October 22nd 2020 at 5:00pm PST & 8:00pm EST
..This deal source alone has gotten me deals faster than any other lead source... literally we get deals within 20 minutes  with the click of a button. :-)

This lead source was found to use the amazing results you can get from cold calling but make it so that as a real estate investor you don't have to have a whole call center, you can do it by yourself or with one employee. Simple system anyone can follow.

Cold Calling on Steroids has been closed for awhile, we're excited to let in new group that's eager to learn! Now, you have first dibs to gain access to these tools with an extremely strict limit on who can use it - because of how powerful it is! Make sure you register for the webinar & show up LIVE :) Most of our masterclass spots go within 30 minutes of the training ending.
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